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    Thank you very much for choosing LYTG SIEG…one of the main export-oriented machine factories in China. beijing SIEG Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1993. As we have grown, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience to meet your requirements. We know exactly “What you want” and “How you want it”.
    With over 35000 pieces of annual output, SIEG’s sales network has extended to more than 30 countries throughout the world. Whilst the largest proportion of our machines has been shipped to North America and Europe, we are actively exploring new opportunities, whilst maintaining our existing customer base.
    We have a team of well qualified technicians and service personnel, who are well geared to produce some of the world’s hottest machines, backed up by quality support. We also provide an extensive range of accessories ideally matched for use with our machines. This package provides for an ideal customer experience. Our distributors find us approachable, because all our ideas and decisions are customer-oriented.

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The C2 lathe rated as the year 2012 recommended machine among mechanical processing products by German Professional Tool Magazine!!

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